BMW Future Retail and IBrand Launch

WAI designs the future of automotive retail. 

By now most car enthusiasts are well aware of BMW's IBrand vehicle campaign. For those not tracking the expanding EV market, BMW took the opportunity to launch the IBrand formally during the Sochi Olympics. While the world watched Olympians compete for gold, BMW flashed the face-paced, sleek, urban set commercial (below) for prime time viewers. 

Even deeper "behind the scenes", over the last 8 months BMW USA has relied upon its facility design partners (a.k.a. "WAI") to survey existing dealerships and prep the market for the arrival of the new vehicle fleet. So, we sent our designers and architects to evaluate dealerships across the Nation, to gather facts and provide design guidance on how to create dealerships to house the vehicles of the "future". The results of our work (above) speak for themselves. The latest dealership paradigm combines natural materials with an open and transparent floor plan. Simplicity is key, and form follows function with the latest design to create an environment that is sophisticated and sincere. Add to that, dealers are preparing to receive the IBrand vehicle fleet, which will be displayed on the signature IBrand platform. Now is a great time to experience how  BMW dealership facilities are expressing and shaping the future of automobile retail.